8 Games You Can Play on the Beach

1. Tug-of-War Sometimes simply known as “pull the rope,” this is one of the simplest games around, a classic which most of us can remember from our school days. Tug-of-War has a long history in

How To Pack For Sailing Vacation

1) Do not use suitcases They might me convenient for flights, but they are terrible on boats. The hard sides make them terrible to store. Go for duffel bags, they can be stored easily even

Best Beaches in Croatia Part I

Here are top 10 beaches in Croatia (in no particular order). Some of them are well-known spots on the Adriatic, others just hidden gems visited mostly by locals. 1 ZLATNI RAT, BRAČ Many sailors and

Learn to Sail: Where to Start and Essential Skills for Bareboat Sailing

There are a number of ways that people get into sailing. If you are lucky, you may have grown up around sailing. Perhaps your family owned a yacht or rented one on a regular basis.

5 Reasons to Sail with a Skipper in Croatia

The Role of the Skipper First things first. What does a skipper actually do? Essentially, the skipper is the captain. “Skipper” is just a more relaxed title. If you hire a skipper, you are putting

Learn to Sail: Anchors and Anchoring

If you want to learn more about course itself visit: SKIPPER COURSE HOMEPAGE If you will be sailing bareboat on your Croatian Yacht Charter Holiday (read about pros and cons) one topic you will need to know about is

How to Exercise on a Sailboat

1. Choose a boat with plenty of room.   First of all, if you haven’t yet placed your reservation, try and pick a boat where you will have an easy time working out. If you

7 Day Active Sailing Itinerary: Day 3: Hvar

1. Party at Carpe Diem and Ultra. First of all, no stay on Hvar is complete without a stop at Carpe Diem. While Carpe Diem opens in the morning for breakfast, it really should be

Sailing with Kids: A Guide to Authentic Croatian Sweets

At Nonica, you and your family have a chance to try traditional Croatian sweets and desserts prepared according to traditional recipes. These are the recipes as they have been handed down through the generations. Here

5 Books to Take With You on a Sailing Vacation

Here is the official Danielis Yachting 2016 Top 5 Boat Reads: 1) Book of the Marvels of the World In italian “Il Milione by Marco Polo” – Marco Polo recalls his travels from Europe, through

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