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Tree-Planting Update 27

Welcome to Tree-Update number 27. This time, with news from our project partners across the African continent. I don’t want to spoil the episode before you watch it, but in this Tree Update I will

Your voice on climate counts: revenue from all US searches goes towards Earthjustice until polls close

WRITTEN BY Joshi Joshi is Ecosia’s editorial lead. He thinks trees are neat. Update, 5 Nov: Your searches have allowed us to raise $21,700 for Earthjustice! The Earth can’t wait four more years. The result

Trees can’t vote — but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a voice

WRITTEN BY Kyle Keeler Kyle Keeler is a PhD. student in Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy/Literature at the University of Oregon. His work has appeared in ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, Edge Effects

How MEANING Makes Boat Life Heaven Or Hell

The meaning that we attribute to things and events in our lives causes us to have a bad time or a good one. By becoming aware of the meaning you give to things and then

VOTE 2020!!

By sail or by mail or any means necessary, get your ballots cast by November 3rd! Photo of Swell by Jody MacDonald   Has there ever been more riding on one election? Climate change and

10 Tips for Self-Isolation, Learned from Life at Sea

It has been a long time since I sat down to catch you up here on my blog. After the book project, I needed time away from the keyboard. A lot has happened since, and

Swell’s Book Trailer: 4 Minutes from Life at Sea

In case you didn’t get to see it at one of the book tour events, here’s a look at the short film from Patagonia Books, made by Chris Malloy and Kellen Keene, as a trailer

SWELL-ing!! Accolades & the Story of the Cover Photo.

Swell’s cover photo by Jianca Lazarus. The out-pour of love for my book, Swell, has my heart soaring! After giving everything I had into sharing my story with the world, it’s been so rewarding to

Swell Book Release & Tour!

It’s here!! I received my first copy of my book! It feels pretty wild to hold the culmination of a lifetime of dream-chasing and three plus years of writing in my hands. I’m proud of

So Hard to Say Goodbye

  As many of you already know, I lost my dear ‘furst’ mate & feline soulmate, Amelia aka Tropicat, on the first day of the year. She was attacked by a dog two days earlier,