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What Tools To Have On My Boat?

We often get asked by aspiring sailing cruisers, ‘What tools to have on my boat?’ One of our guests wanted to bring his land-based man cave with him. He spent his life building up his

Your trees in Nigeria

trees planted updating hectares restored updating since 2021 Rural development and trees can coexist In the last few decades, deforestation has become a huge problem in Nigeria. The timber industry, agriculture, and rapid urbanization have

Marine And Boat Refrigeration Temperature

The secret to having a successful sailing cruising lifestyle is maintaining a routine of checks. Things break on a boat all the time when you first start out. Over time, however, you start to discover

Your searches plant 13,000 trees to restore U.S. fire scars

WRITTEN BY Joshi Joshi is Ecosia's editorial lead. He likes this planet. The news cycle is operating at warp speed. Our attention is hurried from one breaking sensation to the next. Inevitably, we forget what

Under pressure, Google abandons its pay-for-play auction screen on Android

As we previously argued, Android users deserve to choose their favorite search engine. But in 2020, Google sold that choice to the highest bidders. As expected, this pay-for-play auction forced out purpose-driven businesses from the

Our plan to plant more trees, faster: introducing Ecosia Trees

Thanks to you and other Ecosia users, we have planted over 125 million trees. These trees aren’t just capturing thousands of tons of CO2 every day, but are also saving endangered wildlife, uplifting communities, and

How to help the environment in a structural way

For too long, the narrative around how to stop climate change has focused on individual action.  The oil industry has spent decades convincing the public that reducing one’s own environmental footprint will suffice to revert

Your trees in Guatemala

trees planted updating hectares restored updating since 2020 Empowering Communities to Plant Trees in Guatemala Decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, such as cash crop monocultures and cattle ranching, have made Guatemala one of the countries

Britican Sailing Lifestyle Video

In this Britican Sailing Lifestyle video, we provide an insight as to what we’ve been up to between all our Britican Experiences and big boat projects such as our marine Diesel engine fix and our

Your trees in Mexico

trees planted updating hectares restored updating since 2021 Planting trees to restore vital resources "Day Zero", or the day when water runs out, is a looming threat for the arid territory around the Municipality of