Avoiding Ship Collisions Video

One of the scarier things about navigating by sailboat is dealing with cargo ships and cruise liners. As you’ll see in our avoiding ship collisions video we offer a situation where things didn’t go to plan.

If you have an AIS system on your plotter navigating is easier because you know the CPA, or Closest Point of Approach, but even with full information things can get a little tricky. We have a set procedure for dealing with ships while sailing at day and during the night. Read our procedure here to determine if you’d like to adopt the same or similar: Avoiding Ship Collisions.

Avoiding Ship Collisions Video

Make sure to read our Avoiding Ship Collisions procedure and then let us know your thoughts. Do you handle ships differently? What do you do if you’re uncertain as to what a ship is doing? Leave your comments below.

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Avoiding Ship Collisions Video

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