Sailing North Before Hurricane Season Ends

“Hurricanes to the right of us, Covid to the left of us, here I am stuck in the middle with you.” So, we have started sailing north before hurricane season ends and there are currently three hurricanes making their way across the Atlantic Ocean. Several countries along the Caribbean Island chain are closed or require costly covid testing procedures to get in. This is not what the cruising life is normally like but heck, we’re the best people to adapt and carry on.

In this sailing channel update, we’ll explain why we decided to leave Grenada before the hurricanes have ended. You’ll join us for a bit of night sailing and see what it’s like to enter one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations, Marigot Bay in St Lucia.

Sailing North Before Hurricane Season Ends Video

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Where to next? Well, as you may have watched in the video we’re thinking of heading to Antigua. There are only a couple of reputable places in the Caribbean chain that do sea safety certifications. We need to have our life raft, down buoy, life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment tested.

Sailing north before hurricane season ends has caused some issues.

Usually, we get our safety equipment done in Grenada by Sea Safety, but we couldn’t sail down to mainland Grenada. We were restricted to movements on the Grenadian island we were anchored off of. Sailing to Grenada was a no-no. We could have sent our safety equipment down by ferry but what if Sea Safety came down with Covid, or the government decided to close everything down again? Too high of a risk.

In Antigua, there’s a good safety equipment testing place to go. We’ll have to pay another $500 or so to get the required PCR tests to enter the country, but at least we have an option.

For now, we’ll just sit in St Lucia until we see the storms turn north, and then we’ll make a straight shot NNW to Antigua.

Any comments or questions?

Are you thinking of heading north before hurricane season ends? Any thoughts or questions – just leave them below.

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Sailing North Before Hurricane Season Ends

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