Month: September 2021

Sailing North Before Hurricane Season Ends

“Hurricanes to the right of us, Covid to the left of us, here I am stuck in the middle with you.” So, we have started sailing north before hurricane season ends and there are currently

How To Tie Onto A Cleat

One of the first things you’ll learn when becoming a sailor is how to tie onto a cleat. Like most things in sailing there are options. There are two main recognized knots used for fastening

Is democracy too slow to achieve climate justice?

WRITTEN BY Fátima Fátima is Ecosia's Video Editorial Lead. She thinks in many Sprachen. The latest IPCC report on the state of our climate made one thing very clear: we don't have time for politics

Ecosia on Campus: 140,000 trees and counting

Imagine graduating from university having helped plant thousands of native trees where they are needed most. During the fall semester of 2018, the University of Sussex became the first university to set Ecosia as the

How To Make Your Boat Shine

Here’s how to make your boat shine – we demonstrate the best way to make your metalwork sparkle, remove rust from your Gelcoat, and make your engine nice enough to eat off of! How To