Your trees in Thailand

trees planted 9,000

hectares restored updating

since 2021

From monoculture to sustainable rubber farming

Your trees in Thailand

In Thailand, we are partnering with the Prince of Songkhla University and Einhorn to support rubber farmers who are interested in transforming their monocultures into sustainable agroforestry systems.


Prince of Songkhla University/Einhorn

Planting method

Nursery, intercropping

Planting season

August to January

Main threats

Monoculture rubber plantations

Wildlife protected



global demand for rubber at competetitive prices

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Top trees species

Litsea grandis

Native Species

Hopea odorata
Native Species Endangered

Shorea roxburghii
Native Species Endangered

Magnolia Champaca
Native Species

Cyrtophyllum fragrans
Native Species

Swietenia macrophylla

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