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Restoring Mount Bamboutos

Your trees in Cameroon

Mount Bamboutos is home to numerous endemic species of primates, birds, amphibians and plants. In recent years, it has undergone severe levels of deforestation and degradation. Planted in communal forests as well as around water sources, your trees will help restore biodiversity while promoting better livelihoods for local communities.

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Planting method

Nurseries, community seed banks, agroforestry

Planting season


Main threats

Poaching, deforestation, bush fires, poor farming practices, urbanization

Wildlife protected

Coopers Mountain Squirrel, Bannerman’s Turaco, Bamenda Pririt, Cross River gorillas, Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees


Inadequate legal framework

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Top trees species

Canarium Schweinfurthii

Native Species

Cordia platythyrsa
Native Species Endangered

Entandrophragma angolense
Native Species Endangered

Prunus African
Native Species Endangered

Croton macrostachyus
Native Species

Polyscias fulva
Native Species

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