Tips For Sailing Families

Discover why we decided to sail away. Find out if you have the same reasons! Here are some tips for sailing families that want to transition into the sailboat cruising lifestyle. Discover:

  • Why we sold everything we had and went sailing?
  • What was the hardest part in the beginning?
  • What have been the best parts?
  • How has our lives improved from living the sailing lifestyle?
  • What would you recommend to people to get started?
  • How long will you continue to sail?
  • What’s our next goal?

Top Tips For Sailing Families Video

The Creator of this Video – Chiara Magi

Chiara joined us on Britican to learn what life was like living on a yacht. Coming from Sicily, Chiara looked out at boats often but never spent too much time on them. She grew up in Estonia and knew that she was destined to travel.

Check out all the videos that Chiara made while she was with us on Britican to see what she got up to when she wasn’t helping us to sail, cook, clean and look after Sienna.

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Tips For Sailing Families

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