Month: March 2021

The Secret Benefits To Becoming A Liveaboard Sailing Cruiser

You only have to submerge yourself into a bunch of YouTube sailing videos, read the book, Dove, or experience a week-long sailing charter to gain a glimpse into the benefits of becoming a liveaboard sailing

Choosing The Right Boat Surveyor

Did you know a major mistake that new boat owners make is made before they even own the boat? Choosing the right surveyor is mission-critical to achieving a fulfilling cruising life. If you think that

Why the climate movement needs rural women

Climate change is not neutral. Where you come from or how wealthy you are affects how well you can protect yourself against extreme weather events. And climate change is definitely not gender neutral. Climate disasters

Tools for a post-growth society – an interview with Imeh Ituen

WRITTEN BY Samie Blasingame Samie Blasingame is a researcher and community organiser passionate about environmental justice and global food systems. Imeh Ituen is a social scientist and climate activist based in Berlin, Germany. In this

Sailboat Living Family

Here’s one of our sailboat living family updates! This video covers what we’ve been up to in February and March. We’re taking the boat out of commission for three weeks so you’ll find out why.

Google’s “choice screen” restricts consumer choice and its “privacy sandbox” disrespects privacy

Did Google expect applause when announcing its “privacy sandbox”? Did it expect silence? Google will start blocking third-parties cookies in its Chrome browser while continuing to closely monitor people’s habits and preferences across all of

Protected: How to Become an Ocean Sailing Cruiser

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Sustainability won’t save us. Why our future depends on regeneration.

WRITTEN BY Wolfgang & Joshi Wolfgang is Ecosia’s COO and Joshi’s the editorial lead. They both like the planet. In recent years, brands have started to make promises about their impact on the planet. They