The Life Of A Sailing Family

What’s it like to have the life of a sailing family? Every month to every couple months I do an update as to what our lives are like living on our sailboat. We’re now into year eight of our sailing adventure. Do we still love it? (YES) Have we grown tired of the beautiful white sandy beaches? (NO) Do we wish for four walls, carpet, air conditioning, fast food or modern conveniences? (NO)

Watch our latest video about the life of a sailing family to check out where we’ve been sailing, who we’ve been sailing with, what extracurricular activities we’ve gotten into, a shark sighting, dinghy rescues, galley creations, boat upgrades, a CopperCoat update, the lastest going on with how Covid is impacting us in paradise and witness what it’s like when it rains while we’re videoing.

The Life Of A Sailing Family Video

If you’d like to experience our lifestyle first hand, join us for 7 to 12 days on Britican. For the last couple years we’ve been taking singles, couples and families showing them what it’s like to be a liveaboard sailing cruiser. The life of a sailing family isn’t something you can easily grasp – there are so many facets to the life. There’s the sailing bit, taking care of the boat, the incredible social life, dealing with breakages, understanding provisioning and cooking, and exploring exoticly beautiful destinations, just to name a few.

By joining us for a week you’ll feel what it truly feels like to live the life of a sailing family – warts and all. You’ll see the good, bad and in between. If you like what you experience you can take your time with us and with laser focus you can achieve your sailing dreams.

For more information on our Sailing Experiences, check out our Britican Experience.

Britican Experience During Merrill’s Britican Experience he learned how to book out and into a different country, what it’s like to fly a mainsail, genoa, and staysail, how to anchor, tie onto a mooring ball and dock up at a marina. And unfortunately/fortunately Merrill managed to experience what it was like to ride out a surprise tropical storm. If you’d like to experience what it’s truly like to live and cruise on a bluewater sailboat, come join us for a week. Check out our availability here: Click here for more information.

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Living The Life!

The Life Of A Sailing Family

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