Sailing St Martin – The Best Anchorage Is…

When sailing St Martin what is the best anchorage to visit? Watch our Sailing St Martin Video and then read our 13 reasons why our favorite spot to drop our hook is…(watch to find out)!

Sailing St Martin – And The Best Anchorage Is (drumroll)

Sailing St Martin – 13 Reasons To Drop A Hook at Grand Case 

1. Entrance into the harbor is easy and the bay is massive allowing for easy anchoring.

2. The seabed offers fantastic holding ensuring that your anchor will stay dug in so that you don’t drag.

3. The bay suffers minimal swell so the boat, wether it’s a monohull or catamaran, enjoys quite a steady and calm setting. Other bays around St Martin have a terrible swell and very unsettled.

4. The color of the water is beautiful and it’s provides for a wonderful refreshing swimming area. Swimming off the back of the boat is a delight or if you anchor close enough to land you can easily enjoy a swim to the beach. 

5. The beach in Grand Case is long and has fine soft light sand – perfect for a beach day or a sunset walk. 

6. Access to land couldn’t be better – there is a very sturdy dinghy dock allowing ample room for all the dinghies in the bay.

Sailing St Martin

More reasons to anchor in Grand Case

7. Once ashore, the community trash receptacles are a short distance from the dock. 

8. There is a massive variety of exceptional restaurants and bars when you’re not out at sea sailing St Martin. You can get a cheap and cheerful BBQ meal, enjoy a Michelin star gourmet dinner or simply relax on an outdoor patio facing the sea while sipping a gin and tonic or dry white wine. Of course, there’s a dedicated ice cream shop too if your sweet tooth needs a fix. 

9. There are several boutique clothing shops, amazingly beautiful jewelry offerings, small grocery stores, nicknack shops and even a tattoo parlor. 

10. A fantastic pharmacy is within walking distance providing medication, toiletries, and loads of beautiful smelling French creams and potions. 

11. There’s a bakery open every day providing fresh pastries and bread. 

12. After a fifteen minute walk you’ll find a huge super market, laundromat and ATM machine in addition to electronic stores, a massive bakery, a hardware and lumber store, clothing shops, a frozen food store and a variety of other shops.

13, There’s a tiny airport in the town with planes flying in from Guadeloupe and Martinique so watching them land over the beach is fun. There aren’t too many planes and they’re small so they don’t make much noise. The benefit of having the small airport around is that there are a handful of car hire places on our doorstep – whenever we need a car, we don’t have to go far to hire one.

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Are there any downsides?

Unfortunately there are some downsides to anchoring in Grand Case when you’re not out sailing St Martin.

  • Like the rest of St Martin, the results of Hurricane Irma are still very apparent. It seems as if every other property along the strip is in ruin – even the Church is still in bad shape. 
  • There are pockets of construction here and there but some places look like they’re not going to be touched or cleaned up ever.
  • At times, usually on a Sunday, the music pumping from all the bars can get a little loud. Thankfully it usually gets turned off early unlike most of the other Caribbean islands that have it raging until 3 or 4am in the morning. 
  • Getting wifi at the bars and restaurants is either not on offer or terrible signal. On the other hadn’t, our Digicel package works great in the anchorage. 
  • Another potential issue are the charter boats – we’ve had quite a few SunSail and DreamYacht Charters anchor in front or near us and they often drag – not due to poor holding but failure to know how to anchor properly…but you find that at most anchorages. You just have to keep your eye out for the charter boats. 

Sailing St Martin

Overall, however Grand Case is a fantastic location to explore for a few days or stay for weeks.

There are several hotels in the area so if friends or family want to see you but not stay on the boat it’s a great spot to meet at. The people are super friendly. Their’s good snorkeling and dive sights nearby. And even at the beach you can have someone bring you food and beverages! It truly is an anchorage that has it all.

So – check out Grand Case and let me know what you thoughts. You can leave them in the comments below.

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