Month: January 2021

Introducing a better internet: Ecosia is now available on Brave, the privacy browser

WRITTEN BY Joshi Joshi is Ecosia’s editorial lead. He likes this planet. It’s easier than ever to protect both your personal data and the planet. Ecosia, the tree-planting search engine, is joining forces with Brave,

Can Ecosia plant 1 billion trees for the Great Green Wall?

The Great Green Wall is a beautiful idea. Planting trees and re-greening the Sahel across the entire width of Africa would be invaluable. According to the UN, would sequester 250 million tonnes of carbon while

Sailing St Martin – The Best Anchorage Is…

When sailing St Martin what is the best anchorage to visit? Watch our Sailing St Martin Video and then read our 13 reasons why our favorite spot to drop our hook is…(watch to find out)!

Tree-Planting Update: Episode 28

Welcome to Tree Update 28! This time we answered all of your questions that you sent to us on our social media channels. The entire tree team and I sat down during the holidays to

Raymarine Axiom Installation

We knew it was finally time to replace our Raymarine equipment when the LCD multifunction panels went black – we couldn’t read them anymore. Our two C90 plotters often failed to communicate with each other

How To Make A Rubber Gasket For A Boat Engine

When a boat engine springs a leak it could be a failing gasket. Gaskets, or O-rings, are used to seal two engine parts together. Gaskets are found between the pieces and parts of an engine