Where To Go Sailing During Covid?

Since early 2020 it’s been difficult to know where to go sailing during Covid. We discovered one island that not only allows you to sail around but there are several nearby islands too. Furthermore, you can fly to this island with a negative PCR test and no need to quarantine.

The island is St Martin in the Caribbean. As long as you have a negative PCR test you can fly in and sail. Or if you’re already on a boat and you want to sail to St Martin chances are that you don’t even need a PCR test at all.

When we left Grenada at the end of October we simply needed to fill out a couple of online forms and received pre-approval to enter by boat. Depending on the risk level of the country you sail from, St Martin lists what you have to do to enter. People from more high-risk countries, like America, have to take a PCR test and show negative results before flying in.

Most other islands and countries in the Caribbean, however, are either completely shut or require a week or two weeks of quarantine.

Some will allow boaters to quarantine on their boat. Others are asking boaters to stay at a government listed hotel at the expense of the boater.

Furthermore, upon release from quarantine and already having a negative PCR test boaters are being asked to test again in the country they arrive in. Ultimately, it’s costing sailors quite a substantial amount of money for testing.

A family of four paid around $1000 USD to go from Grenada to St Vincent and the Grenadines – just for testing!

We sailed to St Martin so that we would be able to receive paying guests on our Britican Experience. Thus far we’ve had two couples and one family fly down from America. They all received negative PCR tests, flew into St Martin, and then had a normal week of sun, sea, sand, and sailing!

To find out what we’ve been up to since we arrived in St Martin, check out our latests sailing lifestyle update about where to go sailing during Covid!

Where To Go Sailing During Covid Video – A Britican Sailing Lifestyle Update

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