New Anchor Chain Checklist

Replacing your old anchor chain for new isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Use this New Anchor Chain Checklist to ensure you get the right chain for your gypsy.

Watch the video and then read the more elaborate checklist below.

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Take Measurements

  • Measure the pitch which is the internal length between the links. This measurement is important! A chain that varies 0.3mm per link can be the difference between it working well and not working at all. Measure several links that are not right next to each other and take the average. 
  • Measure the width which is the area across the shorter side from the outside edges avoiding the weld. 
  • Measure the diameter of the wire size which is the size of the actual link. Select a few at random and not next to each other. Measure away from the weld, the weld zone can be both bigger and smaller than the wire size depending on the machine the made the link. 
  • Measure eight links at once to compare with eight links of the new chain.

Get More Information

  • Note the numbers located on your windlass and call the manufacturer to get what is called a DIN number. That number will help the chandlery, or boat store, located 
  • Test using sample chain – take a sample piece of chain from the boat store and run it through your gypsy to see if it does, indeed, fit. Alternatively, you can take your gypsy into the chandlery and see if the chain fits.

Replace the Old for New Anchor Chain

  • Locate a dock, marina or boat store on the water that will allow you to run your old chain off and put the new chain on. Make sure to ask the company selling the chain if they’ll also remove the old chain for you.
  • Get the boat in place to make the chain swap. 
  • Tie a line onto the anchor and have someone pull the anchor to the dock while you let out the chain.
  • Remove the anchor and set to the side.
  • Take the new chain out of the barrel and stretch it out so you can measure lengths of chain to mark the links in feet or meters. For example, every 10 meters mark the chain with different color inserts.
  • Attach the anchor to the new chain.
  • Clean out the anchor locker. Give it a new paint job if you have the time. 
  • Put a line on the other end of the chain and pull it up through the anchor chain plate and to the gypsy. 
  • Allow enough chain to enter the locker so you can tie the chain onto the bitter end. The bitter end is a piece of line attached to the hull of the boat that you attach to the chain to keep it from fully falling off the boat.
  • Pull all the anchor chain into the locker. Before the anchor comes to the boat, attach a line and have someone hold the line that holds the anchor. This will ensure the anchor doesn’t drop, swing and hit the boat. 
  • Lock the anchor in place and smile that you can tick off another boat job that needed to be done 🙂
New Anchor Chain Checklist

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