Month: December 2020

2020: The Year in Trees

WRITTEN BY Fátima Fátima is Ecosia’s Video Editorial Lead. She thinks in many Sprachen. We live in uncertain times. Planning ahead can seem futile. As the climate crisis goes from bad to worse, we are

Where To Go Sailing During Covid?

Since early 2020 it’s been difficult to know where to go sailing during Covid. We discovered one island that not only allows you to sail around but there are several nearby islands too. Furthermore, you

Why this retired farmer keeps planting trees

WRITTEN BY Fátima Fátima is Ecosia’s Video Editorial Lead. She thinks in many Sprachen. Identity, author Amin Maalouf once wrote, is always multiple and complex. For Manuel Martínez from Alvelal, Ecosia’s tree-planting partner in Spain,

8 Reasons Why Christmas Is Better Spent On Your Sailboat

As a sailing cruiser, should you stay on your boat or go home for the holidays? Here are 8 reasons why Christmas is better spent on your boat.  Allow me to provide a bit of

Decolonizing the climate change conversation

WRITTEN BY Samie Blasingame Samie Blasingame is a researcher and community organiser passionate about environmental justice and global food systems. Environmental activism appears to be thriving. With Fridays for Future getting international attention and the

New Anchor Chain Checklist

Replacing your old anchor chain for new isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Use this New Anchor Chain Checklist to ensure you get the right chain for your gypsy. Watch the video and

Beach BBQ Checklist For Cruisers

Beach BBQs are a staple occurrence for sailing cruisers! Ensure your BBQ is great rather than good by using this Beach BBQ Checklist For Cruisers. As a sailing cruiser life often revolves around what beautiful

Sailing To St Martin

In this Vlog we’re sailing to St Martin from St Lucia. The passage will take around 2.5 days and we’ll pass several Caribbean islands. We share what we did prior to leaving, our passage plan,