What Sailors Pay For Food

Here’s what sailors pay for food in eight different countries in Europe and the Caribbean/Central America. But before you watch the video, please allow me to introduce your hosts, Emily and Clark!

Emily from Emily & Clark’s Adventure’s (check them out on YouTube here) got in touch with me a little over a month ago to work on a collaboration between five YouTube channels. Those channels include us at Sailing Britican and (links will take you to their YouTube channel):

  • Sailing Ocean Fox
  • Sailorama
  • Sailing Fair Isle
  • Distant Shores TV

How Much Does Food Cost In Different Countries?

The aim of the collaboration was to report back from various parts of the world about the availability, ease of getting groceries, interesting tidbits about provisioning/food and ultimately the cost of food items in different locations.

Make sure you watch the video until the end so you can see the different price comparisons. After viewing the numbers you might think twice about visiting The Bahamas!

Please also make sure to follow Emily & Clark as their channel is full of valuable information.

And note that each channel created another provisioning/cooking related video on their respective channels. Make sure to check them all out. And after watching this, if you haven’t already watched our video, Provisioning And Cooking On A Boat, give it a go.

What Sailors Pay For Food In 8 Countries – Video

Any questions about provisioning, cooking or costs of food? Please scroll down and leave them in the comments section.

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