Month: November 2020

The Links Between Industrial Agriculture & Environmental Racism

WRITTEN BY Isaias Hernandez Isaias Hernandez is the creator of Queer Brown Vegan where he makes accessible environmental education content. Industrial agriculture is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions. It has a

This holiday season, shop for trees

WRITTEN BY Joshi Joshi is Ecosia’s editorial lead. He thinks trees are neat. A lot of you have been asking how they can support beyond just searching. To give you an opportunity to help plant

Provisioning And Cooking On A Boat – Made Easy!

Do you know that there are a variety of ways to make provisioning and cooking on a boat easy? Watch the video or read the article below to make your boating life far more fulfilling.

What Sailors Pay For Food

Here’s what sailors pay for food in eight different countries in Europe and the Caribbean/Central America. But before you watch the video, please allow me to introduce your hosts, Emily and Clark! Emily from Emily

How to invest in solar energy: a conversation with ecoligo

Ecosia co-invested into two solar systems in Kenya, implemented by ecoligo, a Berlin-based start-up that crowdfunds and builds commercial systems in the Global South. Here, solar contributes to a more stable electricity supply for its

Your trees in Indonesia

trees planted 1,475,415 hectares restored 1,975 since 2016 Finding alternatives to palm oil Widespread palm oil plantations across Indonesia illustrate the environmental degradation of a once vivid ecosystem. 25% of Indonesia’s rainforests have been replaced

Ecosia trees are going in the ground near NHS hospitals across the UK

Our first UK tree planting project supports mental health, improves access to nature, and reduces air pollution in urban areas, particularly around NHS hospitals. Back in May, we decided to dedicate revenues from UK searches

Why you should convince your boss to switch to Ecosia

In just 10 years, Ecosia has grown into one of the world’s leading tree-planting organizations, planting more than 500 native and biologically diverse tree species around the world. More recently, companies and organizations have been

A note on our tree counter

The pandemic has affected our tree-planting projects, some more than others. As Covid-19 spread around the world earlier this year, we asked our partners to put safety measures in place and scale back planting where

Tree-Planting Update 27

Welcome to Tree-Update number 27. This time, with news from our project partners across the African continent. I don’t want to spoil the episode before you watch it, but in this Tree Update I will