Steer With Your Heart: Film Release!

Today, I’m super excited to share a short film that came about through the love and encouragement of dear friends. My surf buddy and filmmaker friend, Teva Perrone, was the stimulus behind it. He spent hours editing and fixing my amateur footage, and pushing me to keep working on it despite my juggling the book writing, boat maintenance, and all the rest. Without his efforts, this film would not have come to fruition. Once we got rolling, my sea sister Leah Dawson offered us the use of her beautiful song, “Feel Your Heartbeat”. I know you’ll love it! The full music video for the song is embedded below the film. Tearenui Sagues, another friend here in the islands, scored background music for the film too. My mom-away-from-home, Frederique Perrone, even translated the French subtitles. Deep thanks to all of you.

The footage comes from many years of voyaging aboard Swell. It’s shot on cameras GoPro donated to my voyage, by different friends and crew along the way. The way the film came together, is similar to the way this whole voyage has –through love, collaboration, and people who believe in each other’s dreams. So pop yourself some non-GMO popcorn and take 18 minutes to enjoy a motion-picture peek into what I’ve lived all these years.

I’m also excited to report that my recent voyage aboard Swell was a success–700 nautical miles, whale escorts, unexpected meetings with friends, sharks galore, rendezvous with the wild and talented Jianca Lazarus to take a few last photos for the book, and plenty of fun new adventures for Amelia the Tropicat. I’ll fill you on all the awesome details in my next blog!

Here it is, Steer With Your Heart, enjoy friends.

Cliquez sur l’image ci-dessous pour la version avec des sous-titres français!


Watch here for the full version of the featured song, “Feel Your Heartbeat” By the amazing Leah Dawson!

Posted by The Sailing Traveller