On the Move + Steer with Your Heart Film Trailer

Swell is on the move! After 3 years of writing my book (to be released April 2018!), I’m finally free to roam the sea again. Getting Swell back into voyaging mode over the last couple months has been both exciting and frustrating, but the projects were ticked off one by one, and Swell took to the open sea again mid-June with her new North Sails! After working out some kinks in the engine room in the city of Papeete, we’re poised and ready again to head out on a new adventure. I can’t help but smile as I type that… 🙂 With Tahui (my sweet hunk of a man) and Tropicat as her crew, Swell will sail wherever the wind blows this weekend.

As I write this, I’m anchored as near to the wifi signal in the bay as possible in order to announce the upcoming release of a new short film, Steer With Your Heart, brought to you with love by dear friends and supporting companies. Music and edit of this trailer thanks to my extraordinary sea sister, Leah Dawson. Next blog will be the full 18 minute film, directed and edited by Teva Perrone, produced by Patagonia, Inc, featured song by Leah Dawson, and with special thanks to GoPro for the cameras that collected this footage through the years of voyaging.

I hope this blogs finds you living inspired and chasing your own heart’s callings! Enjoy the trailer…

With love and wishes for your biggest dreams and desires fulfilled,

Captain Liz


Posted by The Sailing Traveller