Ten Methods For Sailing in Minimal Visibility

Few things result the maximum amount of stress underway as low visibility. You’ll want to ensure that you are quite ready to handle pea-soup fog or even a blinding rain squall. Use these top sailing tips to gain the self-confidence you’ll want to fulfill this challenge!

1. Stop the Boat and Plot your situation.

Stop the watercraft. Record the Latitude and Longitude from your GPS combined with time in your Navigation log. Write down the sounding from your depth sounder. Plot the position onto a nautical chart. If uncertain of one’s place, display the main channel (if safe to do this) and anchor. This gives you time to sort things away with no stress of collision or grounding.

2. Energize Navigation Lights.

The navigation guidelines require all vessels that are underway (making way through water or drifting) to exhibit proper lights during darkness or reduced exposure — time or night. Sailboats show red and green sidelights and a white stern light. If you have your engine on, energize your masthead light. In the event that you anchor in a non-designated anchorage, you’ll want to show a white all-around light ahead.

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