Sean McMillan: Building a Yacht in Wood Requires an incredibly Skilled Workforce

World renowned yacht designer Sean McMillan founded Spirit Yachts in 1993. He reaches the forefront of modern classic design. Sean oversees all facets of Spirit’s design and build procedure. We met him.

Spirit Yachts has a portfolio of wood sail and energy yachts from 37 foot to 100 foot+, built making use of wood/epoxy construction. What are the primary challenges inside sort of construction?

Without disparaging other yacht building techniques, building a yacht in lumber calls for an incredibly skilled workforce – somewhat more therefore than other practices. The maximum challenge is developing such a group and honing the abilities to produce the best yachts on the planet, whilst keeping a commercially viable business.

Exactly what inspires your projects?

The notion of quality, both in design and execution.

What must always be for a sailboat?

Less than possible! Maintaining a sailing yacht as easy as possible can be quite a key part of the vessel’s success. However, everything that is on the yacht must be of the perfect quality.
Spirit 100 Gaia Spirit 100 Gaia. Picture Carlo Borlenghi

Just what do you consider about the “pure modern” sailboats?

They have their place as expressions of modern design – usually extremely fine examples. But i believe there exists a danger that – as with all fashion driven creations – they will date quickly.

Spirit 111

You announced recently the direct purchase of the new create project, the 33.9 meter Spirit 111: so what can you tell us about that watercraft?

This is among the biggest wood sloops ever built and represents a substantial progress for environmentally sound yacht building. Wood construction may be the only renewable resource approach to building and, with an electric drive system and careful attention to power consumption, this yacht are going to be perhaps one of the most environmentally sensitive builds yet seen. It also represents an essential move by Spirit Yachts to embrace brand new drive system technology with two further requests on the publications additionally with electric drive.
Spirit 47 CR. Picture Paul Wyeth