Sailing Holidays in the Azores

Portugal, famed for the charm and beauty of it’s historic cities of Porto and Lisbon, is also a dream destination for sailors and one of our top picks for sailing holidays in 2017. Diverse coastal landscapes and excellent wind conditions make boat holidays in Portugal an ideal place for those looking for a more adventurous break. Read on to learn more about sailing holidays in the Azores, one of our favourite spring and summer destinations for sailors. 

sailing holidays in the azoresDiscover the dramatic landscapes that define Portugal’s enchanting island chain.

Sailing holidays in the Azores

There are two main sailing regions in Portugal: The Algarve Coast and the Azores. Each offer breathtaking landscapes and exciting conditions for sailing. For more experienced sailors, we recommend sailing holidays in the Azores, Portugal’s intriguing island chain that is distinguished by it’s dramatic volcanic landscapes and lush green hills.

The Portuguese offshore territories are found in the mid-Atlantic more than 1,300 km west of the European continent.From continental Europe, it takes between two and four hours to arrive by plane (depending on your starting point). Their remote location make the Azores a rather off the beaten path destination. Due to this fact, the islands are rich in flora and fauna and maintain their pristine, unspoilt and nearly otherworldy appearance.

sailing holidays in the azoresThe magical waters of the Azores are just as spectacular inland as they are along the coast.

The Azores consist of 9 larger islands and numerous smaller islands and islets. A large part of the archipelago is of volcanic origin and has rich natural landscapes thanks to the oceanic subtropical climate. The nine larger islands are divided into three groups: Grupo Ocidental (Corvo and Flores), Grupo Central (Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira) and Grupo Oriental (Santa Maria, Formigas and São Miguel).

Sailing in the Azores: Here’s what you need to know

sailing holidays in the azoresSão Miguel is the largest island of the Azores.

The Azores are a cruising paradise for experienced sailors owning a Coastal Skipper Certificate. If you don’t have a license, you can sill enjoy island hopping in Azores with a skipper (which you can book with Zizoo) who will guide you swiftly through the many islets and islands that make up the archipelago.

When sailing in the Azores you have various options for routes depending on how long you want to be “on the road” or so to speak. If planning to sail around the central island group, you have the advantage that the islands are within relatively close distance to eachother. However, if sailing in this region, you should pay close attention to shallow water, the tide and tidal currents to avoid any potential problems. When island hopping in the Azores, it should also be noted that you must clear in and out of all ports and islands.

Learn more about clearing into ports with ease.

sailing in the azoresSail past dramatic coastlines while island hopping in the Azores. Photo: Lino Bento/Flickr.

While it is possible to sail in the Azores in the winter (temperatures average about 13oC in the winter season), the best time for sailing is late April through October. During spring and summer, the conditions are more calm and clear from fog. Water temperatures of the Atlantic during this period are ideal, ranging between 18oC and 24oC. It is advised to always check the weather forecast before setting off as the weather in the Azores can change quite quickly.

The most popular base for sailing holidays in the Azores is Horta. Plan your trip to the Azores with our itinerary for island hopping in the Azores on a yacht charter from Horta.

Itinerary for sailing holidays in the Azores: Starting in Horta

sailing in the azoresStart your sailing holiday in the Azores in the famous port of Horta.

The port city of Horta is located on the island of Faial and is known worldwide as the meeting place for the Atlantic crosses. Here you’ll find flags hoisted from all over the globe in the marina. You’ll also find that the marina serves as an open air art gallery. Tradition has it that sailors stopping in the marina paint a picture on the walls. Countless crews have already immortalized themselves here. We’re not really sure how the tradition started, nevertheless, whether or not the sailors hope that the pictures will grant them safe passage and good weather on their continued journey or just want to leave a little souvenir, it has made the marina in Horta a gem on its on right.

sailing holidays in the azoresAdmire the paintings by visiting sailors in Horta’s marina.

After a stroll in the marina, you can stop at the legendary Peter Café Sport, a famous meeting spot for sailors visiting the island. If you charter a yacht in Horta, a visit to the bar is an absolute must. For those who prefer to relax on the beach before sailing, head to Praia do Almoxarife near Horta. From there you have a wonderful view of the volcano Pico on the neighboring island of the same name. If you would like to take a small excursion, we recommend a visit the crater Caldeira.

Another popular starting point for sailing in the Azores is Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel.

From Horta, you can sail along the south-west coast of Faial and admire the huge volcanic rock walls at Capelinhos, which are even more impressive from your yacht. Alternatively, you can go north-east to the island of São Jorge, where you can stay in the Marina of Velas.

sailing holidays in the azores.The volcanic rocks of Capelinhos on the west coast of Faial. Photo: Guillaume Baviere/Flickr.

The neighboring island of Pico is worth a visit not only because of the impressive volcano, but also for the ethereal green coastal landscapes with old fishing villages that contribute to the unique charm of this island. In Lajes do Pico, you can stop in the village marina and visit the vineyards of the island which were also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Next, Terceira and Graciosa (the White Island) are waiting for you on the next lags of your sailing holiday in the Azores. During your stay in Terceira, you can visit Angra’s historical buildings which showcase the island’s long history as a place of important transatlantic trade. From Terceira, make your way to Graciosa, the northernmost island in the central island group. Declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Graciosa is home to many natural wonders including the Caldera, an astonishing elliptical depression in the volcanic landscape.

sailing holidays in the azoresAdmire the views and landscapes while hiking on Terciera.

From Graciosa, it’s time to sail back to your yacht charter in Horta. Along the way, you may be able to see dolphins or whales, which are commonly found around the island chain. Back in Horta, you can partake in several different sports including cycling, diving, kayaking and surfing. After checking out of your yacht charter, spend the evening relaxing with a glass of fine wine from the island.

For more information about sailing in Portugal, visit our guide. If you want to charter a yacht in the Azores, you can simply send us a request or contact us. We will find the right boat for your next holiday.

Charter a Lagoon 40, the Ultimate Power Catamaran

Loved for their comfort, speed and ease of handling, power catamarans are quickly becoming one of the most requested yacht charters in Croatia, New Zealand and across the Mediterranean. The Lagoon 40 Power Catamaran is no exception. Offering great fuel efficiency and Lagoon’s signature light and airy design, this cat has it all. Learn about this unique luxury yacht below and charter a Lagoon 40 with Zizoo. 

charter a lagoon 40 Get more out of your boat holiday. Charter a Lagoon 40 in Croatia this summer. Photo source @ Lagoon.

Lagoon Catamarans

When you choose to charter a Lagoon catamaran, you can expect a yacht that is both elegant and extremely comfortable. From the luxurious 630 MY, which we previously featured as our “Boat of the Week“, to the set piece they produced for the cult classic film, Waterworld, Lagoon is one of the most cutting-edge boat manufactures which continues to impress us year after year. Their innovative designs and features enhance the joy and ease of driving a multihull yacht.

Learn more about the history of Lagoon Catamarans and why we love catamaran charters.

charter a lagoon 40 A Lagoon 40’s living areas and natural lighting will make you feel like you are on a floating villa. Photo source @ Lagoon.

Why book a power catamaran?

charter a lagoon 40 The vast and functional deck on the Lagoon 40 Power Cat is ideal for relaxing in the sun and dining al fresco. Photo source @ Lagoon.

Though not as common as sailing and motor catamarans, power cats are sought for their easy handling and spaciousness. The design of a power catamaran helps facilitate air movement, meaning there is less resistance and therefore, the ride is smooth and less fuel is needed to travel.The Lagoon glides easily on the waves so even people that are easily prone to sea sickness will hardly notice that they are cruising. They also make an ideal vessel for long distance and open ocean crossings.

Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about catamarans.

The Lagoon 40

The design of the Lagoon 40 is based on the popular 39 sailing cat, which was made for easy crossing, particularly in open seas. Sailors will be pleased to know that, even though the cat offers ample space for a cruising yacht, it is not difficult to enter smaller ports thanks to its compact size.

charter a lagoon 40 Enjoy your meals with a view in Lagoon’s masterfully designed interior spaces. Photo source @ Lagoon.

Of course, if you plan to charter a Lagoon 40, you’ll most likely want to be spending most of your time on the deck. However, the handsome interior also begs you to stay indoors. From the gorgeous master suite to the light-filled dining area, you may want to spend some extra hours enjoying the views of the sea from inside the boat.

Meanwhile on deck, the captain of your boat (which can also be arranged with Zizoo) will have a splendid time at the helm, which is well sheltered from the sun and wind. You can also easily navigate the boat by foot, thanks to the Lagoon 40’s wide sidedecks. Parents will also be pleased to know that this model is designed with safety in mind.

charter a lagoon 40 Be the envy in every harbour. Charter the Lagoon 40, the ultimate power catamaran. Photo source @ Lagoon.

With its iconic stylish, yet comfortable design, fuel efficiency, large social spaces and easy handling, the Lagoon 40 is, without a doubt, the ultimate power catamaran to charter this year. Charter a  new, 2017 Lagoon 40 power cat in Croatia and get ready to spend your next boat holiday traveling in style. 

Dream Winter Sailing Holidays

Are you longing for a paradise of palm trees, warm waters, cool cocktails and exotic landscapes? If so, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. Here are our top picks for dream winter sailing holidays in 2017.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

dream winter sailing holidaysTortola. Image by Garrett / flickr.

The British Virgin Islands are the ideal destination for dream winter sailing holidays. Enjoy great conditions for cruising on the crystal clear Caribbean Sea January through May. We suggest you start your island hopping adventure in the British Virgin Islands in Tortola, the largest island in the Caribbean island chain. With its powdery white beaches, vibrant beach bars and luring parks, you may want to spend your entire sailing holiday in BVI discovering Tortola, but we encourage you to venture further out to explore the pure beauty of one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated countries. Check out our 7-day sailing route in the British Virgin Islands to inspire your itinerary and learn more about sailing conditions and things to do and see on your next winter boat holiday in our guide to sailing in Tortola.

Contact us to get the best deals on yacht charters in Tortola.


dream winter sailing holidaysMartinique is famous for its hybrid sport that combines scuba diving and snorkelling.

As an overseas territory of France, you can expect to spend your dream winter sailing holiday in Martinique relaxing in one of the Caribbean’s most charming and chic destinations. Known for its gorgeous beaches and tropical rainforests, Martinique is a true paradise on earth. When not relaxing on your yacht or snorkelling in the clear waters that surround Martinique, we suggest you spend time exploring the alluring tropical landscapes and the historic treasures found in Fort-de-France. From it’s active volcano to an enchanting botanic garden, the island of Martinique offers a wealth of activities for those looking for a romantic winter getaway or family holiday. Sailing in Martinique also allows you to explore the best of the island and the nearby Windward Islands of Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica. You might also want to sail to Barbados to get a taste of the Caribbean party island lifestyle. Start planning your sailing holiday in Martinique with our guide.

Find both budget-friendly and luxury yacht charters in Martinique.


dream winter sailing holidaysExplore the alluring coasts of Thailand this winter.

Thailand remains one of the most desired winter getaway destinations. It’s warm climate, lovely beaches, exotic treasures and relaxing atmosphere makes it a haven for those who may have caught the winter blues. But did you know that Thailand also an excellent winter sailing destination? Sailors can enjoy pleasant conditions for cruising along Thailand’s most beautiful coasts and islands from November until April. The popular island of Phuket is one of the most popular locations to charter a yacht in Thailand and gives you a chance to explore the beauty of Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. Choose to spend time around the popular beaches in Phuket where you’ll find endless beach parties or take your yacht to some of the more secluded spots like Yacht Haven.

Let us help you find the perfect chartered yacht in Thailand.


dream winter sailing holidayEnjoy relaxed sailing in Cuba.

The buzzing, colorful country of Cuba should be on every sailor’s bucket list. From December through March, you can escape the dark, cold days of winter and discover the Caribbean’s largest island by boat. Some of the best cruising grounds in Cuba are found around its southern coast where you can begin your sailing holiday at the harbour of the UNESCO World Heritage center of Cienfuegos and set sail towards the tranquil Canarreos Archipelago. This island cluster provides great opportunities for snorkelling, diving and other water sports whereas the warm hospitality of the locals, vibrant nightlife and history provide a unique Caribbean experience. 

Charter a yacht in Cuba this winter.

Canary Islands

dream winter sailing holidayDiscover the dreamlike coastal and volcanic landscapes that characterise the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands recently made it on our list of the top 5 sailing destinations in 2017 and is also one of our picks for dream winter sailing holidays. The Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco, is home to an intriguing mix of volcanic and tropical rainforests. Enjoy black sand beaches, impressive gardens, alluring natural swimming pools and nights spent gazing upon the stars from your own private yacht. The Canary Islands are perfect for experienced sailors accustomed to sailing in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean where you can expect excellent conditions thanks to the Trades Wind even in the midst of winter. If you are not up to the challenge of the Atlantic, you can still enjoy a boat holiday in the Canary Islands if you hire a skipper with your yacht charter.

Discover Lanzarote, one of our favourite islands in the Canary Island chain.

Why wait till summer to enjoy a sailing? Start planning your own dream winter sailing holiday with Zizoo. Read more about some of the most popular sailing destinations here and find more sailing tips, routes and suggestions of things to do and see while on your sailing holiday in one of over 30 countries in our magazine. 

Top 5 sailing destinations in 2017

It’s a new year and time to start planning your next adventure. Let Zizoo help you find the perfect place for you next holiday with our list of the top 5 sailing destinations in 2017. Discover some of the world’s most beautiful countries and enjoy the thrill of travelling wherever the wind will take you on your next sailing trip in 2017 with Zizoo. 

top 5 sailing destinations in 2017Don’t miss your chance to sail to the Cala Romàntica and Playa Romàntica (S’Estany d’en Mas), which are located on the eastern coast of Mallorca.

#5 Spain

With its diverse island chains, seaside resorts, incredible beaches and vibrant coastal cities, it’s no wonder why Spain remains one of the most popular destinations for sailors in the Mediterranean. If you’ve already explored the enchanting calas and Europe’s favourite party island in the Balearics or the gorgeous natural landscapes of Costa Brava and are looking for something a little different, why not go sailing in the Canary Islands? The volcanic island chain off the coast of northwestern Africa is distinguished by its extraordinary rock formations, which offer an impressive backdrop for a sailing trip. Perhaps the best part about planning a sailing trip in the Canary Islands is that you don’t have to wait until the summer to go because the islands enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round.

Learn about Lanzarote, one of our favourite sailing destinations in the Canary Islands.

top 5 sailing destinations in 2017Santorini is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful islands to visit in Greece.

#4 Greece

Though in recent years the tourist numbers have gone down in Greece, the country remains one of the most inspiring and hospitable you’ll find in the entire world. Whether it’s island hopping in the Cyclades or a relaxed trip around the Sporades – Greece will retain it’s position on the list of the top 5 sailing destinations in 2017. Discover ancient history while sailing along the coast from Athens or spend a week meandering from island to island from your yacht charter base in Corfu. Wherever you choose to go, the charm of Greece will keep you coming back

Discover more about chartering a yacht in Greece.

top 5 sailing destinations in 2017The volcanic island of Pico’s breathtaking landscapes.

#3 The Azores

Not far from Europe, you’ll find the Azores, where you can spend your holiday surrounded by the rugged, yet pristine beauty of Portugal’s exotic island chain. The volcanic islands, located between 1,400-2,000 km from continental Portugal, is one of this year’s most talked about destinations for adventure seekers and lovers of nature. The Azores are noted for their diverse landscapes that range from lush green hills to rough coastal lines. Sailing here requires skill and experience, but you can always get a skipper with your Azores yacht charter to guide you on an adventure like not other. In addition to sailing, the Azores also offers many other activities to get you closer to nature such as surfing, whale watching and canyoning.

Book a boat in the Azores with Zizoo.

top 5 sailing destinations in 2017Find out why Dubrovnik is called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

#2 Croatia

With an abundance of natural and manmade beauty, gentle, crystal clear waters and steady winds that will carry you along it’s long coastline, Croatia is one of the world’s premier destinations for sailing and is constantly renamed one of the top travel destinations in Europe year after year. What’s new in Croatia this year? Well a new marina in Dubrovnik for one might interest sailors, while Croatia’s gastronomic offerings are gaining more and more attention. In fact, the restaurants, Damir & Ornella in Novigrad, and Stancija Meneghetti in Bale, have recently been included on a list of the world’s best restaurants. So whether you are a foodie, partier, sailor or sun worshiper, Croatia has it all. So why not start planning your sailing trip next year?

Learn more about sailing in Croatia in our guide and discover some of the top festivals to go to while on your holiday here.

top 5 sailing destinations in 2017Kotor is the perfect starting point for a boat trip on the southern Adriatic.

#1 Montenegro

Montenegro, which was once a magnet for celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor who praised the country as the “St Tropez of the Adriatic”, is making a come back. The growing interest in Montenegro is amplified by its excellent wind conditions and unspoiled towns and landscapes, making it number one on our list of the top five destinations for sailing in 2017. Montenegro is peaking the interest of travellers around the world because of its lovely white beaches in Budvar, the unforgettable old town of Kotor and Sveti Nikola Island, known as the “Hawaii of Montenegro”. The picturesque country on the Adriatic coast is the ideal starting point for any sailing trip, whether it’s one a luxury yacht or more affordable vessel.  In Montenegro, you can sail past the rugged Balkan Mountains and find ideal conditions for sailing from May to October.

Check out our guide and start planning your next yacht charter holiday in Montenegro.

Prefer to book your sailing holiday in another location? No problem. Zizoo has over 8,000 boats in 30 different countries. Simply send us an inquiry and we’ll find the right boat for you.

Top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017

Whether Croatia has been your go-to spring and summer destination or you’re planning your first boat holiday in the “Nation of 1,000 Islands”, there’s always so much to do and see when you go sailing in Croatia. From the hottest music festivals and island parties, to popular events dedicated to film, music, food and wine, 2017 is going to be a great year for sailors and holiday goers heading to Croatia. Make sure to add these top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017 to your travel goals this year. 

Music festivals

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Image source @

If you are wanting to spend your summer nights dancing away to some of Europe’s best DJs, Croatia is the place to go. In addition to the festivals, you will be sure to find more parties on the beach, in the clubs and on our personal favourite: boats. We’ve previously covered Croatia’s best music festivals, but here’s a look at some of the top music festivals not to miss in 2017:

Moondance Festival, Trogir | Aug 11 – August 13

Croatia is one of the world’s best destinations for party goers and music lovers because of the unique venues and locations the country offers. The electronic festival in Trogir is no exception. Hosted in Trogir’s historic Kamerlengo Fortress, the Moondance Festival is an event not to be missed while visiting Dalmatia. The main stage in the fortress is where you’ll find the biggest acts like Jeff Mills and Sierra Sam, but you’ll also find many after parties around the coast.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017The Moondance Festival is held in Trogir’s historic fortress. Image source @ Festicket.

Party in Pula

Home to the world’s biggest sound culture system festivals, Pula is the place this summer for lovers of dub, reggae, hip-hop, house, techno, electronica and more. Plan your summer break in Croatia between July and September when you’ll find non-stop parties around the historic town of Pula on the northern coast of Croatia. Here are just a few music fests to attend this year:

Seasplash Festival, Pula | July 20 – July 23

Seasplash Festival is one of Croatia’s longest running celebrations and kicks off Pula’s long summer of beach parties, concerts and festivities. Besides attending some of this year’s best DJ sets and musical performances, you’ll also have a chance to take part in yoga sessions and workshops on audio systems, djing and video production. Check out the lineup and workshops here.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Relax on the shores during the day. Party all night. Photo by Tomislav Sporiš. Image source @ Seasplash Festival.

Dimensions Festival, Pula | Aug 30 – Sep 3

Dimensions Festival features some of the best mixes of electronic music with artists fusing House, Techno, Disco, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Drum & bass and more. Held in an abandoned 19th century fort on the coast of Pula, the festival’s venue is the perfect place to catch some of the best acts of 2017. Tickets went on sale at the beginning of the year. Secure your entrance to one of Croatia’s most exciting festivals and venues here.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017The ultimate boat party. Photo by @duncographic.

Outlook Festival, Pula | Sep 6 – Sep 10

If you couldn’t make it for Dimensions, make sure to secure tickets for the Outlook Festival. Not to be missed is the opening concert on September 6th in Pula’s Roman ampitheatre where you can experience one of Croatia’s beloved ancient historic treasures in a totally new way. This year’s lineup will be revealed soon here.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Don’t miss Outlook’s opening concert in Pula’s Ampitheatre. Image source @

Charter a yacht in Pula and start planning your own yacht party.

The New Ibiza – Pag Island

Hideout Festival, Novalja | June 26 – June 30

The island of Pag continues to be a main destination for spring and summer breaks. Starting in May, the parties begin, but it’s the Hideout Festival that really brings out the island’s vibrant scene. For 5 days and 5 nights, festival goers can enjoy pulsating music live right on the beach. The Hideout Festival’s major headliners include, Major Lazer Soundsystem, Diplo, the Martinez Brothers and more.

Celebrate Croatia’s diverse heritage

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Traditional costumes. Photo by Sgt. Lester Cannon. Image source @ Herald Union.

Croatia is home to a wealth of cultural traditions that are celebrated each year during one of the country’s many festivals. From the intimate food festivals in small villages along the coast to larger events held in the major hubs of Split and Dubrovnik, you’ll be sure to find a wonderful cultural celebration wherever you go sailing in Croatia. We recommend that you check out some of these events:

Istrian Lifestyle Handmade & Gourmet Fair, Rabac | Every Friday between 16 June – 8 September

Join a celebration of Istrain cuisine and culture every Friday this summer in Rabac. Rabac is located on the Istrian coast in between Pula and Rijeka and is a perfect destination for sailing in Croatia. The region of Istria in northern Croatia offers some of the Mediterranean’s best olive oils, which can be sampled during the weekly event. You may also want to try some of the region’s famous fruit jams, wines and yogurts. Of course, you can’t miss out on Istrian prosciutto when you spend a holiday sailing in Istria. In addition to excellent gastronomic offerings, the fair also features several traditional lace handicrafts and ceramics. Find more information about this year’s Istrian Lifestyle Fair and more food related events in Istria here.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Traditional lace on display. Photo by Adam63. Image source Wikipedia.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik | July 10 – Aug 25

During the summer, the “Pearl of the Adriatic” hosts one of the country’s largest cultural manifestations. If plan to charter a yacht in Dubrovnik or sail around Dalmatia this summer, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival should not be missed. The festival features a diverse program of classical theatre and ballet, traditional dances, and fireworks. You can find this year’s programme of events here.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Fireworks on opening night of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Image source @ Just Dubrovnik.

Wine and food

Dubrovnik FestiWine, Dubrovnik | Apr 17 – 23

Early in Croatia’s sailing season you can enjoy several food and wine festivals such as Dubrovnik’s festival of wine. FestiWine gives you the perfect opportunity to sample some of the best local wines from vineyards that surround Dubrovnik. The festival takes place in various locations in Dubrovnik, including many bars, restaurants and hotels.

Losinj Culinary Festival, Losinj | Date to be announced

The island of Losinj, in northern Dalmatia is one of our favourite places to stop while island hopping in Croatia. It is also home to a culinary festival that is certainly worth visiting. In late spring, you can enjoy gastronomic tours and presentations that highlight some of the best local gastronomic offerings.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Image source @ Europe. A never-ending journey.

Image source @ Europe. A never-ending journey.

Film and music festivals

Pula Film Festival, Pula | July 15 – 22

The Film Festival in Pula is one of the main events in Croatia, attracting thousands each year. During the course of a week in the middle of the summer, Pula’s iconic Roman ampitheatre becomes the ultimate theatre. Catch some films by Croatia’s famous and emerging filmmakers under the stars during the festival’s 64th year.

top events and festivals in Croatia in 2017Image source @ SVA Film and Animation.

Aklapela, Dubrovnik | April 21 – 23

Croatians are proud of their cultural heritage and are happy to share it with visitors to the country. One of the most interesting cultural festivals is Aklapela, which is held in Dubrovnik. Aklapela is a celebration of klapas, traditional Croatian songs that are sung a cappella.

More tips for your Croatia yacht charter holiday in 2017

Visit Croatia’s best “boat-up” restaurants

One of the joys of spending your holiday on a boat is being able to travel from island to island at your own leisure. Sailing in Croatia also allows you to visit some great restaurants, which sometimes can only be visited by boat. Check out our list of Croatia’s best “boat-up” restaurants in our post on the WOW Travel Blog.

Get to know Croatian cuisine

If it’s your first time chartering a yacht in Croatia or second or third… we suggest that you try some authentic dishes that are best enjoyed on the Croatian seaside. Read our top picks of mind-blowing delicacies to try in Croatia this year in our guest post on tripto.

Visit Croatia’s World Heritage Sites by boat

Croatia is home to seven incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, six of which are located right on the coast. Let Croatia’s rich heritage sites guide you as you set sail this summer. Read our Croatia World Heritage sailing route here.

Start planning your dream family sailing holiday or yacht party with friends with Zizoo and take advantage of our latest deals on 7-day yacht charters in Croatia with our exclusive deals.