Amel unveils the new Amel 50, an intelligent sailboat that should conquer a new audience


Using this 15-metre unit, the Los Angeles Rochelle shipyard opens the AMEL concept to a new group of consumers, thanks to more available dimensions and price.

While they are not abandoning the emblematic ketch design of this Los Angeles Rochelle shipyard, Amel has selected the sloop with this unit. However, it is not a fresh format as such, as range sloops have left the shipyard before.


The development of embedded strategies such as for instance motorized furlers, implies that manoeuvring a 50-foot sloop is much easier today and ketch rigging isn’t any much longer necessary on a ship of the size“, said the designer Olivier Racoupeau.

Tools that enhance navigation include electric sail furlers and winches, centralized settings within the cockpit together with self-tacking staysail.

A redesigned hull with powerful bow

On the list of innovations on this new model, the choice of a right, effective bow is a break from the shipyard’s habits. The waterline is extended to enhance performance, making leading the main watercraft more roomy.

The addition of a bow sprit can help you tack one more sail such as for example an asymmetric spinnaker or a code-0.


The flat, wide stern, having a midship beam that reaches a corner, offers great dimensional stability and required twin rudders, one thing new for Amel, allowing the boat to keep up great manoeuvrability under sail.

“At Amel we are all enthusiastic, profoundly connected to the history of our shipyard and always striving to carry on to convey our knowledge and perpetuate the Amel spirit”, says Emmanuel Poujeade, managing director regarding the shipyard.


The new AMEL can accommodate six people, thanks to both large cabins each having a dual sleep plus one cabin with bunk-beds. The galley, situated in the starboard passageway, offers a generous living area into the saloon and chart table is found left associated with the entryway and communicates directly with the entire saloon.


The state launch for the new Amel 50 are next September during the Cannes Yachting Festival, set to take place from the 12th to seventeenth September 2017.

La Dolce Vita – Sailing Holidays in Tuscany

Many individuals think of green, rolling hills, Cyprus tree-lined roadways, sun-drenched vineyards and austere villas once they hear “Tuscany”, we can’t assist but dream of the beautiful Tyrrhenian water that graces the Tuscan coast. As our yacht fleet in Tuscany continues to grow, we’d like you to access learn about it incredible, yet reasonably under-the-radar cruising location in Italy. Among the list of region’s 10 provinces, we’ll introduce you to the two coastal provinces of Grosseto and Livorno plus the enchanting island of Elba – three amazing locations to charter a yacht for your next sailing vacation in Tuscany.

Arrange your next cruising holiday in Phuket with the Orient Pearl .

sailing visit to tuscanyTuscany is not only understood for its idyllic countryside, but also for its beautiful islands and beaches.


From the historic harbour to your town’s prestigious naval academy, the rich maritime culture of Livorno is effortlessly sensed. Located simply south of Pisa, the historic harbour of Livorno was initially built throughout the Renaissance period in 15th and 16th centuries. Today, the port of Livorno is really a popular hub for cruise ships and other nautical vessels. It is also home to a significant regatta: Settimana velica internazionale.

cruising holiday in tuscanyCanals of Livorno. Picture: Luca Aless / wikipedia

Before departing on your dream Tuscan sailing holiday from your own charter in Livorno, take time to explore the seaside city. The Old Fortress, which dominates the historic slot is obviously worth a call. You could also desire to start provisioning your boat with fresh products from Livorno’s Central Market. When onboard, get ready to consult with a few of Tuscany’s most readily useful beaches as you cruise south over the scenic Tuscan coastline. Here are some beaches not to miss while cruising from Livorno.

  • Quercianella: simply south of Livorno’s slot you could make very first stay in Quercianella in which you’ll locate a marina near the beach.
  • Cecina: With 15 kilometer of lovely sandy beaches, Cecina boasts a soft golden coast kissed by clear, indigo waters. History buffs must also read the neighborhood museums and Villa di San Vincenzino, an impressive archaeological website.
  • Golfo di Baratti: About mid-way between Livorno and Grosseto is Golfo di Baratti, a great bay lined with pine forests. You’ll find a small tourist harbour to sleep for the day and luxuriate in the natural setting that distinguishes Golfo di Baratti.

cruising vacation in tuscanySunset in Quercianella. Picture credit: Fabrizio Angius / Flickr


Grosseto actually invest Italy that everyone else dreams about. Welcoming medieval towns, Rennaissance palaces and churches, green hills lined with Cyprus trees, vineyards, olive tree orchards and warm, golden beaches are just a couple of explanations why everybody else must go to Grosseto at least one time within their life. But definitely, its Grosseto’s sailing opportunities that make the province one of the more unique cruising destinations in Italy, if you don’t the entire Mediterranean.

cruising vacation in tuscanyCoast of Grosetto

After enjoying a trip in countryside, possibly savouring the flavours of the land in a conventional agriturismo, you could make the right path to Monte Argentario, a former island that is now linked by three sandbars. Hop aboard your chartered yacht in Monte Argentario and acquire ready for cruising holiday of a lifetime. Alternatively, you can leave from Castiglione della Pescaia, an old seaside town.

When beginning your cruising holiday in Tuscany from Grosetto, you’ll either explore the mainland’s coastline or get island-hopping in the Tuscan Archipelago, which we talk more about below.

cruising visit to tuscanyPorto Ercole Beach near Monte Argentario. Photo credit: Marco Bellucci


The main area regarding the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba can be an enchanting area that is distinguished by its green hills, picturesque towns with pastel homes, and charming pebble rock beaches. Maybe many well-known due to the fact house of Napoleon during their exile, Elba is filled with natural beauty and a history that goes back towards the Etruscans, an old, pre-Roman civilisation. Today, Italians and site visitors from throughout the world arrive at Elba because of its beaches. The stunningly blue waters and long stretches of cliff-lined beaches, render Elba a haven for sailors and another of our favourite sailing locations in Tuscany.

cruising holiday in tuscanyCharter a yacht in Elba, a dreamlike island inside Tuscan Archipelago. Photo credit: mariejirousek

After checking out the island’s ancient ruins and charming towns of Porto Azzurro and Portoferraio, you could get nearer to nature. Elba is a superb destination for hiking, mountain cycling, snorkelling and diving. One of the most popular scuba diving spots is within the Scoglietto near Portoferrai. The island’s striking landscape and exceptional weather additionally make Elba one of the better manufacturers of wines in Tuscany. Make sure to try a glass of Moscato, a sweet, aromatic wine created from small, raisined grapes.

cruising vacation in tuscanyEnjoy extraordinary views while hiking on Elba.

Elba is home to several contemporary marinas and yacht groups and you’ll also find many ideal anchorages in tranquil coves including Cala di Mola and Golfo di Procchio, both of which, have very lovely beaches. From your yacht charter in Elba, you’ll invest weekly discovering the pristine pure beauty of Tuscan Archipelago, Europe’s biggest marine park. Two great stops include Giglio and Giannutri.


uncover the Roman ruins on Giannutri. Picture credit: Discover the Roman ruins on Giannutri. Picture credit:

The alluring area of Giannutri is known for its rich biodiversity and amazing history. Being a Marine Park, Giannutri is an essential home for plants and creatures. Here you’ll find a few tropical plants and differing kinds of seabirds whom develop their nests on rocky coast. The island also offers numerous interesting traces of its Roman past. Make sure to look at the Villa Domizia archaeological site to admire the stays of Giannutri’s majestic villas. Do remember, your protected area of Giannutri is restricted to just 300 site visitors each day through the summertime. Mooring and cruising are on a a particular area of the island where you will discover the tiny ports of Cala Maestra and Cala Spalmatoio.


cruising vacation in tuscany

Isola del Giglio is the perfect destination for a flake out while in your cruising vacation in Italy. On Isola del Giglio, a call to Giglio Castello is vital. The medieval village or borgo is housed in the towering city walls associated with the fortress. Wonder round the borgo’s slim streets and be sure to sample one glass of wine which comes from the vineyards outside of the fortress walls. You’ll additionally find several great beaches with deep blue and emerald waters as well as numerous great diving spots and hiking tracks on Isola del Giglio.

So if the golden plains and endless vineyards that comprise Tuscany’s countryside enthralled you, simply hold back until the thing is the seaside.

Oceanis Yacht Charters: Travel in Style and Comfort

Oceanis yacht charters provide an incredible sailing experience, making them one of the most sought after cruising vessels for sailing holidays. Learn about Bénéteau, a leading boat manufacturer, and their Oceanis line, one of the company’s most successful ranges of sailboats which have won over yachtsmen the world over.

oceanis yacht chartersOceanis yachts are available for charters throughout the Mediterranean with Zizoo. Photo credit @ Beneteau.

Oceanis sailing yachts are a product of the French company Bénéteau. Founded in 1884 by the shipbuilder Benjamin Bénéteau, the boat manufacturer has stood for more than a century as a leader in combining tradition and innovation. The one-time family business is one of the world’s largest yacht makers today producing diverse models of sailing and motor yachts. One of the most popular lines of charter yachts by Bénéteau is the Oceanis series.

The Oceanis line has raised sailing to a new level. Currently, Bénéteau offers 8 different models that range from 31 to an impressive 60 feet. What all these yachts have in common is their focus on comfort and, at the same time, optimal performance. Designed by the masterminds at Berret Racoupeau and Finot and Conq, Oceanis yachts are known worldwide for their sleek designs that are both functional and stylish inside and out.

With 8 great models to choose from, there is an Oceanis yacht for every type of sailor. Here are our favourites from the series:

The Oceanis 38

With the introduction of the Oceanis 38, Bénéteau has produced a sleek and elegant sailing yacht, which offers plenty of room for a crew of up to 8 persons. Whether you are taking in the sun at the bow or relaxing at the helm, you can enjoy a tranquil cruise as you glide on the Mediterranean with ease. The three cabin yacht features an innovative interior design, giving you plenty of space to rest and entertain under the deck.

Keep a look out for the Oceanis 38.1, Bénéteau’s newest addition to the Oceanis line. The 2017 38.1 is available to charter with Zizoo in Croatia and Italy.

beneteau yacht chartersGlide easily and in style on the Mediterranean on an Oceanis 38 in Sibenik. Photo credit @ Beneteau.

The Oceanis 48

The Oceanis 48 is the perfect boat and is especially well-suited for extended yacht charter holidays. The gorgeous yacht was crafted for relaxed cruising, but can also be optimised for speed. The interior, designed by Nauta Design, succeeds in maximising space and comfort. The Oceanis 48 is an ideal vessel for any type of sailing party given the model’s 6 different layouts.

Enjoy sailing this 4-cabin Oceanis 48 in Palma de Mallorca.

oceanis yacht chartersThe Oceanis 48 is an ideal yacht for extended boat holidays. Photo credit @Beneteau.

The Oceanis 55

The Oceanis 55 is the right choice when you’re sailing with larger groups. The yacht’s 6 cabins offer space for up to 12 guests on board. There are also three bathrooms and an extremely spacious and bright salon. Given the Oceanis 55’s larger size, the yacht still provides excellent cruising opportunities and is easy to handle. The cockpit gives plenty of space for maneuvering and offers significant visibility while also featuring plenty of seating for you and your crew.

Set sail in Greece aboard this lovely Oceanis 55.

oceanis yacht chartersThe Oceanis 55 is an ideal sailing yacht for larger parties. Photo credit @Beneteau.

Learn more about our most popular charter yachts and the legendary boat manufacturers Lagoon and Bavaria Yachts.

9 Enchanting Sailing Destinations for a Romantic Getaway in 2017

What is your ideal destination for a romantic escape? Is it discovering historic towns and villages? Wine tasting in sun-drenched vineyards? Relaxing on white sandy beaches? Or do you prefer exploring landscapes of towering cliffs and green volcanic mountains? Whether you are looking for adventure or a place to relax and unwind, a week spent in one of these sailing destinations will make for the perfect romantic getaway in 2017. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Romantic Getaway in 2017Get a taste of “la dolce vita” this year.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s most impressive and alluring destinations. You just can not help but feel glamorous while cruising along the Amalfi Coast in a classic sailing yacht or sporty speedboat. The views of the colourful Italian seafront towns and cliffside vineyards will surely take your breath away. Discover the famous island of Capri and the famous Blue Grotto, savour divine dishes of fresh fish and pasta and end every meal with a chilled glass of limoncello with your loved one while on your dream boat holiday in Italy.

Canary Islands, Spain

Romantic Getaway in 2017Discover exotic landscapes in the Canary Islands.

If you are looking for incredible beaches and are seeking a bit of adventure, a boat trip in Canary Islands is the perfect destination for your romantic getaway in 2017. The volcanic island chain off the western coast of Africa is home to some of the most incredible and dynamic landscapes including sandy dunes, towering green hills and black sand beaches. The pristine waters of the Atlantic are perfect for well-traveled sailors. If you haven’t sailed in the Atlantic, you can always get a skipper to take the helm so you and your significant other can sit back and relax on your boat holiday in the Canary Islands.

Charter a yacht in Lanzarote and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Martinique, Caribbean

Romantic Getaway in 2017The French island of Martinique is one of the most romantic destinations in the Caribbean.

If you’re dreaming of palm trees, romantic sunsets, hiking in green, forested mountains and swimming in warm, turquoise waters, then a boat holiday in Martinique is the right choice for you. The Caribbean island of Martinique is a paradise both onshore and offshore, offering activities for every type of couple: discover the island’s diverse history, visit a flower-filled pineapple plantation or go hiking around an active volcano. After a relaxing day on Martinique’s stunning beaches, you can crack open a bottle of bubbly. Martinique is in fact, one of the biggest consumers of champagne. You and your partner will love the freedom of discovering the island’s coast at your own heart’s desire on your chartered yacht in Martinique.

Pula, Croatia

Romantic Getaway in 2017Visit one of the best preserved Roman arenas in the world before discovering Istria by boat.

Located on the picturesque coast of Istria in northern Croatia, the ancient city of Pula is a wonderful starting point for a romantic boat trip in the Adriatic. While the city itself makes for a perfect getaway, it’s the nearby islands and beaches that really make this destination stand out. After visiting the fantastically preserved 6th century Roman ampitheatre and savouring some of the region’s specialities like truffles and fresh seafood, it’s time to explore the islands in the Kvarner Gulf. Stop in the charming seaside towns found around Cres, Lošinj and Krk where you’ll also find some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia or travel further south to the island of Pag, a foodie’s paradise.

Learn more about sailing in Pula with our guide and try some of these luxury foods while on your boat holiday in Croatia.

Grimaud, France

Romantic Getaway in 2017Cruise along the French Riviera from your yacht charter in Grimaud.

Perched on a hill overlooking the Gulf of St Tropez you’ll find the romantic ruins of Grimaud’s castle. The medieval village of Grimaud is the ideal destination for romance. Not far from the bustling seaside town of St Tropez, Grimaud serves as a peaceful oasis where you’ll find yourself transported back in time. Enjoy a relaxing stroll and take in the views of the sea in the hilltop town with your loved one before checking into your yacht charter in Port Grimaud, a quaint seaside town which was founded only a few decades ago. Port Grimaud has a “Venice-esque” appeal with colourful houses, charming bridges and enchanting canals. From Port Grimaud, you can enjoy your own private tour of the French Riviera by boat while stopping for a swim and to visit the picturesque villages of Côte d’Azur.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro Stretching 21 km and boasting a number of lovely pebble stone and sandy beaches, the coast of Budva in Montenegro is a dream destination for couples. Still under the radar, the ancient town of Budva offers incredible views of the Adriatic and is home to several cultural treasures that are worth discovering while on land. Charter a yacht in Montenegro and enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Budva Riviera, making stops at some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean such as those found around Sveti Stefan and Petrovac.Take in the views of Montenegro’s dramatic landscapes and historic villages on the Budva Riviera.

Montenegro is a top pick for this year’s hottest sailing destinations. Stretching 21 km and boasting a number of lovely pebble stone and sandy beaches, the coast of Budva in Montenegro is a dream destination for couples. Still under the radar, the ancient town of Budva offers incredible views of the Adriatic and is home to several cultural treasures that are worth discovering while on land. Charter a yacht in Montenegro and enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Budva Riviera, making stops at some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean such as those found around Sveti Stefan and Petrovac.

Rhodes, Greece

Romantic Getaway in 2017Lounge on some of Europe’s best beaches while admiring Greece’s historic past in Rhodes.

Home to a number of impressive heritage sites, idyllic golden beaches and fantastic cruising grounds, Rhodes remains a contender on our list of the top sailing destinations for romantic getaways in 2017. The peaceful island is a perfect starting point for couples looking to escape for a week on a yacht in the glistening Aegean Sea. After discovering the inspiring Palace of the Grand Master and taking a stroll on the one of the most preserved medieval streets in Europe (the Street of Nights) in the Old Town of Rhodes, sail south to visit Lindos, one of the most picturesque destinations in the Mediterranean. Chartering a yacht in Rhodes also allows you to explore several Aegean islands such as Tilos where you can be sure to find a secluded beach to spend a day or two. Also not to be missed is an excursion from Rhodes to Kos, a lively island that offers great hiking and diving opportunities.

Portisco, Italy

Romantic Getaway in 2017The pristine waters of Sardinia range from Sapphire to Cyan blue.

The Italian island of Sardinia boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world (just look at Sardegna Reporter’s Instagram). Sardinia’s stunning coastline is enhanced by a mesmerizing mix of vibrant blues and cyan blue waters and the island’s intriguing rock formations that were shaped by the wind. The winds that blow throughout the island also make Sardinia a fantastic sailing destination. Charter a yacht in Portisco and sail along Sardinia’s famous Costa Smeralda. Sail around the alluring island chain of La Maddalena or mingle among the rich in famous in the legendary Porto Cervo. For more reasons to set sail in Sardinia in 2017, check out our guide and for more inspiration, take a look at our food and wine lover’s sailing route featuring gastronomic tours from the winerist.

 Hjellestad, Norway

Romantic Getaway in 2017Sail to the charming towns and villages of Bergen.

For something a bit different, plan a romantic getaway in 2017 in Norway, one of our favorite sailing destinations in northern Europe. Explore the magnificent fjords from a yacht charter in Hjellestad, just south of Bergen- the gateway to the fjords. A private cruise of Norway’s fjords, quaint seaside towns and enchanting islands and islets is the prefect way to spend a week or two this summer with your loved one. Enjoy being on the water, go hiking in the mountains or try fresh seafood in one of Bergen’s charming fishing villages.

Guest Post: 5 Retirement-Friendly Sailing Destinations

Retirement-Friendly Sailing Destinations

May we all be lucky enough to have saved enough for retirement so that, when the day arrives, we are free to pursue every interest we so desire. Casey Meehan, owner of stock trading news site Stock Hax, has a few ideas for any such retirees who have always wanted to go on a boat holiday, but never quite found the time before. Here are 5 retirement-friendly sailing destinations for your holiday planning. 

Retirement-Friendly Sailing Destinations

After finally reaching retirement, people find themselves in front of an array of possibilities, with much more free time to truly enjoy life, focus on the hobbies, spend more time with family and friends, as well as travel extensively.

When retired, these travel enthusiasts who always wanted to explore the world and all its wonders finally have the time and money for it, so there are really no obstacles in embarking on a much desired and eagerly awaited sailing trip.

These five sailing destinations are ideal for all retirees who have the energy, means and enthusiasm to relish in fascinating locations.

1. Antigua

retirement-friendly sailing destinations

A leading sailing destination, Antigua has much to offer to retirees who enjoy attractive beaches, blue waters, lush forests and striking mountains.

The Island of Antigua, considered to be among the most developed in the Caribbean, is a true paradise for snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, sailing and so much more. Snorkeling is an especially satisfying experience, as retirees can venture into Stingray City and see the wonderful underwater world of the island up-close.

Each year, visitors can also enjoy Antigua Sailing Week, which features spectacular yacht races. Those who love the historic side of a location can relish in intriguing Antigua’s historic sites, such as Fort James or museums such as Betty’s Hope.

Moreover, the lookouts of Shirley Heights and Monk’s Hill offer spectacular views on the Island which only increase the magic of this natural paradise.

2. The Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

retirement-friendly sailing destinations

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, a true gem in the Adriatic Sea, offers many breathtaking locations in the form of magical cities, as well as more than 1000 mystical islands. With this sailing destination, retirees can explore the historic wonders of the old cities in Split and Dubrovnik, and enjoy Dalmatia’s astonishing beaches, which emit an intriguing charm.

The islands are the big draw, however, and offer offer an impressive range of experiences, such as Vis with its delicate wines and organic food,

-Vis with its delicate wines and organic food,

-Mljet with its striking nature,

-or Brac with its range of available sporting activities, such as windsurfing and parasailing.

With sparkling waters, hidden coves, white beaches and delightful fishing villages, the Dalmatian coast definitely warrants a visit from retirees who are looking for an excellent sailing destination.

3. Lavrion, Greece

retirement-friendly sailing destinations

Greece has always been a wonderful choice for a sailing destination, and Lavrion, a town in Attica well known for its classical antiquity, is among its finest locations.

After stepping ashore, retirees will find that this particular city has a lot to offer, with its rustic taverns, restaurants, shops, cafes, as well as intriguing museums.

Lavrion is the home of many historic sites, such as the largest ancient amphitheater in Greece, and the prehistoric silver mines, considered to be the oldest mines in the world. The beaches around Lavrion are exquisite. Make it a point to visit Asimakis Beach, where you can go windsurfing if you’re feeling brave, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of a traditional Greek coastline.

4. Amalfi, Italy

retirement-friendly sailing destinations

The Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and as such is a rewarding site for anyone who wishes to marvel at striking natural beauty. Along the sparkling Italian coast, the views are stunning; the small, delicate beaches are sun-soaked; and the water is the most striking shade of blue.

The city of Amalfi, located on the coast beneath large cliffs, is a must-visit for its Medieval architecture and a plethora of charming piazzas. Overall, the Amalfi coast offers stunning islands, where visitors can taste local seafood specialties and exquisite wines, as well as marvel at the dramatic mountains that seemingly plunge into the sea.

5. The Algarve, Portugal

retirement-friendly sailing destinations

This area in Portugal, specifically its Lagos bay, stands out as one of the world’s best regatta locations. You’ll find great sailing events here year-round.

Due to its agreeable climate, favorable winds and almost constant sunshine, the Algarve is perfect for sea adventures. Along this coast, retirees can enjoy wonderful sights, such as the Praia da Rocha beach and the Praia da Marinha beach, as well as the impressive Cape St. Vincent lighthouse.

Moreover, the Algarve has many hidden treats for those who wish to explore more, with occasional dolphin sightings and mesmerizing caves that can be accessed on a boat.

Check Zizoo’s website and sailing guides to learn more about over 30 sailing destinations.